More abortion-minded clients. Increased donations. Industry-leading security.


Case Studies

Picture of Increased appointments by 4x

Increased appointments by 4x

Regional multi-location organization increases appointments by 4X at their smallest location, with an average growth of 67% between all locations. This followed a full double-rebranding (patient and donor-side), two new websites, and a focused

Picture of Course Corrected

Course Corrected

Oops! Clinic had been accidentally advertising on Google AGAINST fellow pregnancy centers. Course corrected so we can make sure every hard-earned donor dollar goes toward life-saving.

Picture of Increased social media growth

Increased social media growth

Mid-sized, 1-location center grows social media following 376% on Facebook, 485% on Instagram by switching to ALIGNN™ Social Media content plan and a wildly successful awareness campaign. Engagement grew across the board by more than 1200%.

Picture of Quality scores on Google Ads

Quality scores on Google Ads

Small 1-center location rocks an impressive 97% quality score on Google Ads, with a fantastic ROI that means each donor dollar stretches that much farther and more lives are saved!

Picture of Rebranding Done Right

Rebranding Done Right

Small 1-center location has best-ever Gala after rebranding and optimizing event materials for maximum ROI. “Last night’s event was fantastic. The best one yet! Thank you for being such an instrumental part of making that happen.”

Picture of Got more clients

Got more clients

Hopping urban clinic almost accidentally tanks their client numbers! We caught them just in time to talk through a rebranding and accounts migration gone wrong. Migration is completed with slight uptick in visits, plus 12% more abortion-vulnerable clients.

Picture of Increased event attendance

Increased event attendance

Trailblazing clinics launch a first-ever women’s conference! Attendance is a great success for a first-ever event, with a distinct brand presence and position to snowball success into successive years.

Picture of Raised More Revenue

Raised More Revenue

Regional multi-location organization defies all expectations with an innovative online campaign that raises more revenue than their largest in-person event in years past! Way to take our playbook and run with it together!

Picture of Launched a New Brand

Launched a New Brand

Small 1-center location intercepted just before launching a new logo with critical issues that would have discredited them as a medical institution. New brand adapted and launched with a clear path to better serving patients!

Picture of Got more with less ad spend

Got more with less ad spend

Regional multi-location organization cracks their local abortion mill’s primary strategy using ALIGNN™ SC INT (Strategic Competitive Intelligence). We identified shocking trends that completely changed our local SEO keyword focus and ad spend.

Picture of Witnessed growth in metrics

Witnessed growth in metrics

Small 1-center location discovers their previous marketing agency partner was openly stealing from them and charging for SEO services when NONE were rendered. Yikes! We optimized all their properties and saw increased metrics within the first month.

Picture of Converted well wishes to financial support

Converted well wishes to financial support

Clinic powers through with almost zero local church support until we showed them the path to converting well wishes to hardcore financial support! Giving from churches increases 3X.