More abortion-minded clients. Increased donations. Industry-leading security.


What They Want to See & Hear

You want to save more lives! (So do we.) We need to get her in the door to your loving counselors and medical professionals. To accomplish this, we utilize a full tool set of digital and traditional marketing techniques and platforms to reach your clients with The Right Message, At The Right Place, At The Right Time!™

Pregnancy Center Marketing

Ultrasound machines and salaries aren’t inexpensive—that’s why it’s so important to make fundraising a complimentary pillar to patient outreach. Your effectiveness is limited only by your strategy and revenue, so we work strategically with you to maximize giving at every step of supporters’ relationships with your ministry.

Web Design, Hosting, and SEO

Want to make sure clients never walk through your door? Make sure your website loads nice and slow. Make sure it breaks on various screen sizes, lacks an intuitive user experience (UX), and make sure to make it as ugly and demographically-inappropriate as possible! Make sure you get it nice and cheap! It’ll save some money for when you inevitably have to redesign it because it failed at its mission to save preborn lives. Or, you can have your website built by a veteran team with decades of combined experience in design, SEO, copyediting, and marketing strategy, Your call! protected by ALIGNN™ 99S Uptime Monitoring so you never lose clients because your website went offline and no one noticed.

Reputation Building

Your name and contact info are scattered across the internet. Robot scrapers and crawlers add and take away from your shadow profiles. Random user submissions add to the flurry. And Google is left to guess if you are in fact a credible medical institution when all the signs point in different directions. Take control of your online reputation with ALIGNN™ InfoLock—our superhero bots scour the web constantly and correct false information and prevent fake-data sabotage attacks against your clinics.


ALIGNN™ SC INT (Strategic Competitive Intelligence) is the gathering and analysis of information about your competitors, identifying market trends, and making data-driven decisions. It provides additional context for consumer behavior, helping you to understand how clients interact with your competitor’s brands—(yes, that means abortion centers), providing valuable insight that can help you target messaging, bid on PPC ads more competitively, and stay ahead of the curve to better reach clients.

Digital Marketing

Reach more abortion-determined women with proven digital marketing strategies from ALIGNN™ like website design, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok), SEO, PPC ads through Google, and more!

Social Media Management

The right message and imagery reassures your patients that you are safe and trustworthy. Get that wrong and you may be openly advertising against yourself! (Don’t come here! We’re going to proselytize you, shame you, and waste your time.) Our carefully-curated messaging has been proven effective across numerous accounts like yours. That means more engagement, more followers, and—most importantly—more appointments with abortion-determined women.

Fundraising & Event Promotion

Have your greatest Gala/Banquet/Walk EVER this year! Make this the year that we stopped doing things “the way we’ve always done them” and started optimizing every touch, social post, church poster, and webpage with a proven strategy that has increased center fundraising events by as much as 217%!

Branding That Actually Works

Why do some pregnancy centers languish while others thrive? Often, success can easily be traced back to branding. (That’s not just your logo! That’s everything about what message you portray to clients and whether they believe that you have what they want.) There is a secret sauce here—and our partnering clinics have shown this to be true time and time again—success is both predictable and measurable.

Graphic Design

Beautiful branding requires confident, specialized graphic design to implement across your ministry in web, social, and print! This is your source for strategically designed signs, medical forms, event collateral and tents, swag like T-shirts and tumblers, web graphics that rank well on Google, and social media tiles and videos that convert clicks to appointments.

PPC Google Ad Management

Abortion and abortion pill-related terms are a minefield to navigate. We’ve seen so many accounts mismanage funds, burn money advertising in the wrong regions, and get blocked for failing to navigate the system. And yet, our partner clinics tell us they often get a majority of their leads from Google Ads! We do the heavy lifting for you with protected account structures, proven campaign keywords, landing pages that actually generate appointments (and not just clicks!), and insider information directly from Google.

Strategic Consulting

Stop reinventing the wheel! Other centers have already tried thousands of techniques. We’ve seen just about everything at this point and we are eager to share what we’ve learned with you! Benefit from our wealth of understanding from the strategic (brand voice, organizational structure and processes, development plan) to the tactical (event themes, fundraising optimization, patient experience flow, etc). We spend many hours every week consulting for centers like yours because the results speak for themselves.