More abortion-minded clients. Increased donations. Industry-leading security.



What they want to see & hear:

The messaging that connects with clients and patients is almost entirely different than with donors! That’s why it is so important to have separate branding, messaging, websites, and social media platforms for either side.Example:
Did you know that Kraft macaroni and cheese is owned by Philip Morris, maker of cancer-causing tobacco products? Imagine for a moment trying to sell Philip Morris-brand mac & cheese. Outrageous, right? The target audiences are almost entirely different.Clients & Patients must understand the facts about what services you offer and how they directly contribute to their own inner peace and solution to their difficulties.
They want to see photos and graphics that depict women that look like THEM—the ideal them. The person they want to be on the other side of having utilized your free services.
How can this split approach revolutionize your client marketing’s efficacy?
What can this mean to your ministry? Check out these case studies: